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WeeAdvertising, with the help of putting constant efforts and support of its people, has risen up to be one of the best digital marketing agencies in Gujarat. At WeeAdvertising our motto is to work for and towards the success of our customers by keeping in mind their needs, demands, and requirements.

Over time, with our constant dedication and determination, our firm has grown and is considered one of the best for pay per click services some of which include Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads as well as Amazon ads.

Google Ads

Google Ads allows you to take advantage of the benefits of online advertising: show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. Google Ads offers several benefits

Facebook ads

There are billions of people who use Facebook every day, and if you place a targeted ad on the platform, your chances of reaching them skyrocket. This is a necessity — organic traffic on Facebook is almost non-existent

Bing Ads

Bing Ads uses a similar auction dynamic as the Google Ads auction, so the advertisers on Bing have numerous benefits from a lack of competition, such as better ad positions and cheaper costs per click.

Amazon Ads

Ads appear on search results pages and relevant product pages, directing customers to your product detail page or Store.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

We are fully committed to elevating our clients to new heights.

Business transparency and forward strategies with your will not only help you have better employee engagement but sometimes will also help you get acquainted with ideas you could have never thought of yourself. However, this is not just integral to ones’ staff but also your customers, and using SEM provides you that opportunity. They let you have a more open and transparent relationship with your customers, by providing them the information they need to trust your product.

Working and helping our customers to build from starch to top is something we firmly believe in. We never leave the construction or work in between, from analyzing to developing all is done by our team of digital experts, specialized in the field of SEM. One thing we can assure you is that, when our specialization will collaborate with your brand, one thing that is definite is your success.

Evaluating, analyzing, and implanting, when done in the right direction and at the right time always helps a person grow and develop their business, and well now you won’t have to worry about that because once you have it you will definitely have one less thing to worry about. After knowing and understanding the need of our customers we choose and imply the right digital marketing method be it Facebook ads or Google ads, we have someone for everyone and everything, that too with keeping in mind the latest trends of both your industry as well as ours.

Our Services

What We Offer for You

The best results in regards to the market price possible without compromising on quality

Business Consulting

We make sure that, we take our time to interact with each and every customer of ours so that we can understand your needs, demands, and desires thereby providing you with the best result possible.


Our major aim and objective is to bring the best available ideas to the table, for the various campaigns that your company needs and demands. Under this, our team will take care of your needs from planning to executing to implementing.

Data Matrices

We devote the maximum possible time for each and every client of our wherein we focus on analysing your competitors and their ways to promote so that we can decide what is best for you and your company even in the long run.

Facebook Ads

Analysed data

 Facebook ads help you work on accuracy instead of assumptions. You are able to see the insights on how many people are you actually fetching with the help of your pay per click ads.

Focused Target

Facebook ads has target capabilities are amazing. One because you find people of all ages active on Facebook and second it’s Algorithm. Facebook helps you choose the interests, behaviors, demographics, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages in accordance to your business and required target.

Why Facebook Ads?

Creating ads on Facebook is suggested for all types of business as they help you choose the kind of ad, target your audience, and set a timeframe as well as your budget in according to your needs, which our team of experts is always there to guide you about.

Amazon Ads

Analysed data

With as many as 80 million people buying from Amazon, they have loads of data which it analysis in accordance with the needs and demands of your product and showcasing them to the accurate audience.

Focused Target

The most basic thing we need to keep in mind when posting on Amazon is that people open the application or search for the product when they actually wish to buy something, which increases the possibility of a person buying the product.

Why Amazon Ads?

When our team of experts create an ad on Amazon, we make sure that we utilize all the services provided by Amazon such as-  Video ads, Display Ads, and DSP, in accordance with the needs and budgets of our customers. Amazon ads are suggested mainly for businesses that are looking out for more visibility.

Google Ads

Analyzing the Data

Google Ads is that one app which is used by every person who owns a digital device and therefore has a track every activity of an individual in the virtual world. This not only makes it easier but also convenient for them to analyze the data in a precise and most accurate manner.

Targeting Techniques

Google’s Algorithm is devised in a way that from time to time, it suggests its users on ways to improve their along with providing you specific reposts and insights to trace your progress.

Why Google Ads?

Creating ads on Google is beneficial for those who want to increase the accessibility, accountability, and visibility of their business.  Google lets you decide on various factors such as where to advertise, lets you create messages most suitable for your business, lets you set, adjust and pause your budget at any given time as well as lets you GO LIVE. Well, all of this might be too confusing for you, which to choose, which not to choose or how to choose, and that is exactly why we are, to help you out.

bing Ads

Analysing the Data

With as many as 21 billion people using sites like yahoo, AOL and Bing, they are able to collect all the relevant and required information of these people, which they analyse and curate in a way that will show all your potential buyers your various ads, on all their respective websites.

Targeting Techniques

Bing/Microsoft Advertising, targets customers who could be interested in your products or services that too in specific areas and at opportune times thereby maximizing your ad’s exposure to your potential buyers. Further, it lets’ you target according to your geographic location, day of the week, time of day, gender, and age, as well as device.

Why Bing Ads?

Creating ads on Bing is majorly beneficial because of the costing factor. Bing allows its users to create ads on Bing without any minimum cost instead, works on the basis of per clicks i.e they only charge when a person clicks your ad and can be beneficial for you if you are someone who has just and has low budgets.  Even if creating ads might be a little tedious but that is exactly what we are here for.

Client's Reviews

Stephen Doughtery Founder of ducksathome.com

We appreciate the team's effort in working to create such a useful tool for publishing our message. Because of your experience, imagination, and openness, we were able to have a very smooth and advantageous process to run our Google ads

Tiffney Wilson Founder of lushausa.com

It's been a delight working with these guys. We saw a return on our investment almost instantly. Anyone looking to boost their Ads Campaigns should consider them.

John Filling Founder of homedepot.com

I've already partnered with them and know that they deliver on their promises. So far, I'm very pleased with their work and anticipate fantastic returns on the eCommerce current project with shopping ads

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

We are right where we wanted to be and it's because of you guys. Your unrivalled client service and attention to the individual interests of our company demonstrate your loyalty and enthusiasm for what you do.

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